Technical Specialties Corporation

Serving the Heart of the Southeast since 1964


Water treatment for the protection against scale, corrosion, bacteria and algae. We carry a full line of water treatment products. Emphasis is placed on energy conservation and equipment protection to extend the life of the HVAC and process water systems.

Environmentally Responsible

Technical Specialties Corporation places a priority on protecting the environment by maintaining green products in the product line which are biodegradeable and safe to handle. Our turn-key programs provide for delivery and application of chemicals to the point of use and removal of empty containers.





  •  Condenser / Cooling Towers
  •  Evaporaters / Closed Chilled Water


Chemical feed pumps, water management controllers and by-pass feeders

Scale & Corrosion inhibitors and EPA registered biocides and bacteriacides

Water softening, filtration and supplies 

Turn-key service providing for the exclusion of on site personnel handling chemicals

Cleaning service to optimize energy efficency

Water conservation programs and equipment

Secondary Containment Tank Systems

Legionella Testing & Control Programs


Shelco Filters

General Treatment   Products                                                                                                                Glycol feed systems/By-pass feeders/Bromine feeders/Coupon  racks/ Mixers &tanks & stands

Advantage Controls                                                             Conductivity controllers for water bearing heat transfer equipment


  • Steam- Low, Medium or High Pressure
  • Hot Water Heating/Circulating Systems